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Beyond The 4 Walls


In addition to our Family 

Development Services branch, 

Beyond The 4 Walls offers music 

education, training, and performance 


Beyond The 4 Walls features the

"7 C's". This band performs praise 

and worship music, seasonal 

concerts including New Years, Black 

History Month, & Christmas. We 

strive to live transparent lives, so we 

are CONFIDENT that you will 

experience the passion behind what 

we do in our service.

As God has blessed us with talents 

and gifts, we desire to serve others 

as best as we can!

For booking: Please click on the 

CONTACT TAB above and enter 

your information. You will be 

contacted to discuss booking 


Beyond The 4 Walls

Beyond The 4 Walls is focused on providing Family Development services that meet the needs of those being served. With so many distractions, negative influences, and self seeking attitudes in this society, our goal is to give back to others. We want to INVEST in the lives of others and help them achieve their desires and goals, whether that is being a better single, spouse, parent, son, daughter, or just a better individual. We accomplish this through interactive workshops, books, and counseling.