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Beyond The 4 Walls



Give Time Time

Posted on November 28, 2014 at 11:30 AM

We are in the “holiday season” according to our Gregorian Calendar system. During this time, I would like to encourage you with the following:


1.  Don’t fall into the trap for frivolous spending - If you can’t afford it.

2.  Don’t lose sight of what’s important.

3.  Give Time Time


I know that most people like to look at new things, buy new things, and generally, have a good time when it comes to material things. I’m not the cloud in your holiday parade, but I am endeavoring to be the ray of shine in your dark room. I have struggles and concerns like everyone else, but I’m forcing my “flesh” to submit to the will of the Lord. “Walk by the Spirit, and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.” Galatians 5:16. There’s an undertone in the walk of Christian believers that implies that there is a lack of fun and enjoyment in our lives. This is not true! It is the denial of the flesh that is dominant in our lives of believers desiring to live holy.


During this time of year, I believe people let their guards down more than any other time during the year. We experience an increased amount of consideration for family, friends, and even associates. We smile, laugh, and talk a little bit more than usual and that is just wonderful. Sadly, after the season fades, we see a substantial decrease in this activity. What is important in our lives? Are the early morning sales, late night shopping, and holiday lattes at our local coffee shops important, or is it the time and interaction that we spend with those dear to us of greater importance? Based upon the bigger picture of what we experience, it may be hard to get a definitive answer. It is true that our actions speak louder than our words.


As I conclude this edition of my blog, I want to encourage you to give time time. Life goes by so fast, so spend the majority of your time on things that are of greater lasting importance. It doesn’t seem like long ago, but I remember being in high school talking to my band director about being a great trumpet player like Mr Wynton Marsalis. Fast forward fifteen years later and I’m no where near the caliber musician as he is. I am involved quite a bit with music, but am I where I thought I would be - no. Guess what, life is still moving and I’m still working towards my goals, although they have changed some. I have since learned that only what I do for Christ has the greatest and lasting value. I have learned to be patient with people and am learning to be more patient with myself. Some of life’s greatest enjoyments and some of life’s greatest disappointments come from the interaction and engagement with other humans. Accept people where they are, even if it could be a let down to you. Don’t penalize them for it. What you must learn is how to deal with YOU. Trust me when I say that some people probably has issues with how you are OR how you were. Give time time! If they grow - PRAY! If they don’t - PRAY!






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