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Beyond The 4 Walls



It Really is up to YOU

Posted on December 31, 2014 at 11:40 PM


This truly has been a blessed year! I think I must say that every year has been a blessed year because God has kept me. He has kept my family through the ups and downs and I’m sure he has kept yours. I wanted to encourage you to not quit. If you are thinking about quitting DON’T. You will get another chance to right the wrongs, reconsider the decisions, and consider the effect of the consequences. Trust me, people may not want to give you a second chance, but God wants to. Whatever you have faced this year, take solace in knowing that you are here and able to recount those things – favorable or not.

I want to challenge you to not make “resolutions” for 2015. Statistics say that only 8% of those who make resolutions actually achieve them. Resolution is defined as a firm decision to do something. We are all familiar with the typical resolutions of weight loss and increased fitness. Those are good desires to have and I’m by no means discouraging you from exercising and healthy eating. I do want to encourage you to GIVE YOUR BEST and leave the rest up to God! If you can do that, I am confident that you will find a greater level of peace!

God loves you and He has nothing but the best in mind for you. Don’t beat yourself up about not getting the promotion, not getting the house, or not being the most liked. Appreciate what you have and appreciate the process of getting to where you desire to be!

Apply these actions to your life for success!


1. Accept Christ into your life and live for HIM.

2. Do everything unto the Lord!

3. Give without expectation!

4. Love without limits!


I wish the best for you and your family!




Courtney Alexander Harris, PhD


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